Shoreline Restoration

Shorelines can present a variety of problems for lakefront property owners. Waves erode shorelines; rocks trap floating vegetation, sticks, and other debris; terrestrial plants grow between the rocks; when ice melts, it drags boulders off the shoreline; etc.

We have fixed many of these problems for customers in the past. The following jobs demonstrate multiple problems we can eliminate.  In these particular cases, the previous homeowners did not remove the debris that built up in the rocks. This debris decayed into soil, and land weeds began to grow in the soil. Small shrubs had even grown extensive root systems into the rocks. The rocks also continue to fall off the shoreline each winter.

To fix this problem, we began by removing the rocks. Then we dug out the roots and decayed debris/soil. We laid down a DNR-approved erosion mat, then re- placed the old rocks as well as bringing in new boulders to add to the shoreline. It is a long term fix that looks great!

This particular customer had erosion problems due to flooding and needed a long term fix to reinforce the shoreline to prevent further damages.

Our process began by filling in the shoreline in front of the customer's water pump with a gravel base and a soil top layer. Next, we removed the grass that had grown over the boulder shoreline so that we could place the DNR- approved erosion mat and add another layer of boulders to prevent further erosion. Last, we added the finishing touch with pebbles on top and re sodded the the grass along the wall. The finished product looked great and prevented flooding from eroding shoreline any further!