Is the work on your lake property piling up so much that you can't enjoy the lake you love? Get back to enjoying your lake property. Hand us the to-do list so you can grab the skis, fishing poles, or a cold one. 

Lakeweed Removal

Sweeney's Aquatic Weed Removal LLC is the solution to your lake property problems. Proudly serving homeowners all across southeastern Wisconsin for eight years, we specialize in removing aquatic vegetation. We are experienced weed removers who work in the water and clean the areas no one else will. Your beachfront will be accessible and enjoyable again. 

As many customers have told us, "the to-do list never ends when you own property on a lake". Lakefront homeowners don't live on a lake so they can spend their valuable free time taking care of the property. That's why our services aren't limited to aquatic weed removal. We also remove leaves and muck, re-stack fallen shoreline rocks, restore shorelines, clean docks, and are certified pesticide applicators who can chemically treat purple loosestrife. If you have a project that needs to be accomplished, contact us.