Our Process

Our process varies according to vegetation type, customers’ expectations, makeup of the bottom, and water depth. We offer three primary services: root removal, cutting, and surface cleans

Root Removal 

Root removal is our most thorough service. Many people attempt to remove aquatic weeds using teeth rakes. Over the past eight years, we've bought and tried every aquatic weed removal tool on the market. We found that they all share a major flaw: they simply do not remove the roots from the lake bottom. They break the plant stems off at the bottom, allowing it to regrow within a matter of weeks. 

Homeowners aren't looking for a three week solution to lakeweed problems. We get to the root of the problem- we methodically hand pluck the entire root system from the bottom. Removing the roots from the bottom keeps your property weed-free for much longer. Since this is our most thorough and longest-lasting service, it also is the most time consuming and therefore the most expensive service as well.


Although root removal is our most thorough process, it isn't always possible or what the customer is looking for. Some customers aren't searching for a permanent solution, they would just like the lake to look good for a party, showing, or holiday weekend. In other cases, it is simply not possible (due to depth, vegetation species, or bottom makeup) to remove the root system from the bottom.

In this case, we use various aquatic weed cutters to cut the vegetation to the very bottom of the lake. We collect all of the cut vegetation and remove it from the water. Cutting weeds is a quick cosmetic fix for even the most overrun properties. The weeds will grow back within a few weeks, but typically not as thick. 

Surface Cleans 

On many lakes, boat traffic and large weed cutters continuously produce floating weeds that eventually drift towards shore where they collect on homeowners’ rocks, piers, boat lifts, beaches, and sea walls. This floating debris collects into heavy mats and can be a constant burden for some homeowners. We come on a periodic basis (weekly, biweekly, or call-by-call) to remove these weeds.